ANSI standard gaskets, new & old ANSI standards

  • New standards have larger than nominal size inside diameter to 12" size -
         above 12" the ID is same as nominal
  • Old ANSI standards have same ID as the nominal size
  • For water: neoprene, red rubber, ˝" to 36"; full-face and raised face (ring)
  • For fuels & oils:   ˝" to 24" full-face and raised face (ring)
         nitrile (NBR, buna-n), Viton®, vegetable fiber
        and compressed sheet: Gardico 522T, Klinger C-4401, Garlock 3200
  • For steam to 750o F:   ˝" to 36" full-face and raised face (ring)
         compressed sheet, aramid fiber with nitrile binder
        Gardico 522T, Klinger C-4401, Garlock 3200
  • For engine applications to 1200o F: synthetic fiber and nitrile with metal insert:
        Gardico 596B.
  • For exhaust systems to 1800o F: vermiculite & ceramic fiber with metal insert
        Gardico 596E, 596G

  •      Most common sizes always in stock, others are one-day lead time

    Water Works Gaskets

    Navy standards

    Gaskets for exhaust systems for diesel engines, 5" to 12"

  • Exhaust systems for CAT® engines
  • Exhaust systems for Cummins® & Detroit Diesel® engines
  • Gardico 596B aramid/ NBR with metal insert (1200o F)
  • Gardico 596G vermiculite with metal insert (1800o F)