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Careful Carvings

Providing Superior Service and Workmanship for Over 25 Years.

    Gardico has been in business since 1977, supplying gasket materials and custom gaskets to companies throughout the Americas. Customers range across all industrial sectors.

    Capabilities include die-cutting, assemblies of rubber products, laminating of rubber and application of pressure sensitive adhesive. In 1998 Gardico added water jet cutting to its capabilities. The materials that can be cut include rubber, foam, stainless steel and other metals, plastics, glass and marble; thickness can be from foil to 5 inches.

    An extensive inventory includes natural and synthetic rubbers, sponge and foam, compressed sheet, cork materials, treated vegetable fiber, felt, high-temperature fabrics, mechanical packing and O-ring cord and O-ring kits.

    Other supplies include gasket cutting kits, punch sets, dove-tail punches, steel rule dies and adhesives for rubber.

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