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Gardico Incorporated in Seattle, Washington has a long history as a service oriented supplier of gaskets and gasket materials and a supplier of converting services including die cutting, slitting and stripping and water jet cutting for most materials and thicknesses, providing superior products & workmanship to industrial customers since 1977

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Standard & custom gaskets
Standard flanges
Hatch cover & manhole gaskets
Panhandle & custom gaskets
Common & custom strips

Other sealing products
Mechanical Packing Mechanical Packing/ Pump Packing
  • Used to seal shafts for rotating machinery
  • See Table for characteristics to match the application
  • GFO, Graphite, Carbon & PTFE products
         for demanding applications.

  • Valve Stem Packing
    Valve Stem Packing
  • Expanded PTFE (Teflon):
         Conforms easily, very high density when compressed
         pH 0-14, temp -400 to +500o F, pressure to 1450 psi
  • Graphited yarn over inconel:
         High temperature, high pressure steam applications
         pH 2-12, temp to 1200o F, pressure to 2500 psi

  • Joint Sealant
    Joint Sealant
  • Expanded PTFE extruded:
         pH 0-14, temperature to 600, pressure to 3000 psi
  • Seals with low bolt loads, resists cold flow and
         has good torque retention vs other PTFE materials
  • 1/8" to 1"

  • Expansion Joints Expansion Joints
  • Used to connect machinery to piping
  • Used to isolate one pipe from another
  • For water:  neoprene
  • For fuels & oils:   nitrile (NBR, buna-n), Viton®
  • Single & double arch, rubber & solid steel flanges

  • Cotton Grommets
    Cotton Grommets
  • Used to seal under the head of a bolt
  • Available in sizes from 3/8" to 1" to match bolt sizes

  • Tools
    Gasket Cutters & Punches

    • Allpax & Spearhead gasket cutter kits and parts
    • Arch punches, dove-tail punches
    • Steel rule dies

    • Allpax 11-piece punch kit and parts for holes & washers 1/8" to 3/4"OD
    • Allpax 16-piece punch kit and parts for holes & washers 1/8" to 1-3/16"OD


    Die Cutting -- Standard & custom gaskets, pads, insulators, decorative pieces
    NC PRESS            50 T PRESS
    • Lead times: from 7 to 10 days for a new
       product to 1 to 2 days for an existing product
    • usual quantities from 5 or 10
       to tens of thousands
    • from stock materials or customer provided
       materials: rubber, foam, vegetable fiber, cloth,
       cork, felt, gasket sheet, thin plastics and foils.
       Slitting -- Strips for hatch seals, insulation, isolation, decoration: 1/16" to 2" thick.
    SLITTER               STRIPPER
    • Standard strips: CCNS w/ PSA
    • Rubber materials from 1/64" to 1-1/2"
    • Foam & sponge, available with adhesive,
       in roll lengths and pieces.
    • Rubber & foam to 5" Thick x 12 ft long (with WJ)
       Water Jet Cutting -- Standard & custom shapes in rubber, steel, aluminum, plastics
           to 4 inches thick. 6 foot by 12 foot table.

    • rubber, foam, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass,
      glass, marble, tiles
    • Gardico supplied or customer furnished
    • materials to 5" T x 6' W x 12' L
    • Gaskets, flanges, strips, custom shapes
    • Usual lead times 1 to 2 weeks

    Specialty Products -- Cutting and Assembly, gluing & sewing.
    Rubber Bumper - 10 in x 37 ft
    Neoprene rubber strips with fiber batting sewn inside

    Extrusion Prototype
    Cut shapes to simulate extrusion

    Foam Equipment Boot - 8" dia x 36" long
    Foam parts: die cut, glued, painted


    Rolls, Sheets, Strips, Pads, Cord

    Silicone is gaining wider use in both solid and foam for its high temperature capabilities and excellent UV and weathering resistance. It can also be provided in FDA grade for use in contact with food. Microcellular urethane (Poron) is finding more applications in door seals for equipment boxes for its very low compression set.
    Gardico can supply both materials with PSA added and plain.

    An inventory item for every application includes natural and synthetic rubbers, sponge and foam, compressed sheet, cork materials, treated vegetable fiber, felt, high-temperature fabrics, mechanical packing and O-ring cord and O-rings.
    Many materials available to ASTM and Mil specs
      Fluoroelastomers: (Viton®)
      Pure Gum, Natural rubber
    Foam & Sponge
    Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) can be added to these for sheets, strips and cut parts.
  • Neoprene,closed cell & open cell
  • Silicone, closed cell & open cell
  • Microcellular Urethane (Poron®)
  • Nitrile CCS
  • Open cell Natural Rubber
  • Filter foams

  • Plastics
  • ABS
  • Delrin®
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyurethane

  • PTFE (Teflon®)
  • UHMW
  • Matting
  • Horse Stall
  • PVC Matting
  • O-Ring cord
  • Nitrile, Neoprene, Gum, Silicone, Viton
  • English & metric cross sections
  • O-ring kits & O-rings
  • O-ring splice kits (Neoprene, Nitrile,

  • Engine Exhaust & Intake Gaskets
    High temperature Steam & Flue Gas Gaskets
    This inventory includes materials for temperatures to 1800o F in compressed sheet and to 3000o F in high-temperature fabrics. While nitrile is the most common binder, other elastomeric compounds are stocked or available for compatibility with different materials.    Outside diameters to 60" available in some materials.

    Gasket sheet
  • Non-asbestos fiber with rubber binders for all applications to 750o F.
          with NBR for oil & petroleum products:
          Gardico 522T, Klinger C-4401, Garlock 3200
          with neoprene for some refrigerants
  • Non-asbestos fiber with rubber binders & with metal tang inserts to 1800o F.               Gardico 596B (1200o F) , Gardico 596E & Gardico 596G (1800o F)
  • Wire insert material also available.
  • Carbon fiber
  • Graphite compressed sheet to 900o F:
         with stainless steel: Gardico 5463 , Klinger SLS, Klinger PSM
         or aramid insert: Frenzelit Novatec (TM)
  • High Temperature, red & black

  • Expanded PTFE (Teflon®) to 600o F

  • Furnace, Boiler & incinerator gaskets
  • Ceramic fiber cloth (to 2300/3000o F) & rope (to 1500/2000o F)
  • fiberglass (to 1000o F ) with vermiculite coating (to 1500o F ):   tape, cloth & rope

    Cushioning, Pads & Sealing
    A wide range of thicknesses, hardnesses and shapes to customer requirements
    Bearing Pad
        Cut to your shapes and available to AASHTO & CALTRANS specs
  • Neoprene: 50 to 80 durometer, hi-tensile AASHTO in 50, 60, 70 durometer
  • VIBLON/ SORBTEX - multi-layer fabric impregnated with nitrile

  •     10,000 psi capability, available with PTFE surfaces
  • available with shims

  • Tank & Hatch Gaskets
  • Rubber cork for manhole and hand hole gaskets for water and petroleum products
  • Gum rubber and soft neoprene strips & shapes for hatch gaskets:
         available with 1 or 2 beveled corners

  • Motor & Pump gasketing
      Vegetable fiber
      Beater add
      Bone Fiber
      Fish Paper
    Box & HVAC gasketing
       Cork: rubber/cork and
         composition cork/ bulletin board cork

       Felt: industrial, decorator & car wash
      Foam with PSA,
        see Foam & Sponge above on this page

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