Gardico supplies strips or rolls in custom widths, thicknesses and lengths.
Many of the materials -- foams, solid elastomers, felt, cork -- can have adhesive (PSA) applied to the strips for ease of installation:

  • Foam strips, available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), for enclosure doors

  •     >   closed-cell foams: neoprene (CCNS), EPDM, VitonŽ, nitrile and PVC
        >   microcell urethane (Poron)
        >   open-cell and closed-cell silicone
  • Gum rubber and 40A neoprene strips, available with 1 or 2 beveled edges
        for hatch covers & doors
  • Co-extruded open-cell foam core with solid neoprene coating for large hatch seals

  •     >   good resilience of open-cell foam
        >   water resistance and abrasion resistance of solid rubber
  • Custom neoprene and nitrile strips for tank mounting
  • Strips have been supplied from as small as 1/32" x 1/4" to 1" x 8" and 2" x 2" cross-sections.

  • Examples

    CCNS with PSA strip

    Gum rubber strip

    Double-Beveled Gum strip, cross section